Our Story

How we met
and fall in love

First Met..

Alvin & Liani met for the first time during their time in the college. Alvin and Liani were attending different course, but they met during the 6th semester on the same subject. At the start of the semester, Alvin is the first one who notice Liani, he saw Liani as a beautiful girl who makes his heart flutter. That time Liani was an Assistant of System Laboratory and wearing her blazer with ponytail hair. In short, he began to search who is ‘she’ and eventually found Liani’s facebook. Alvin add Liani to become friends in the facebook.

Our Relationship is starting..

After they become friends in the facebook, Alvin & Liani is getting to know each other more deeply. Alvin & Liani have same hobby : culinary, Alvin always introduced Liani to tried some different food and they have same thought for something. Slowly Alvin was feeling sure that Liani is the right person for filling his heart and finally he was telling Liani his feelings and ask her to become his girlfriend. The funny things Liani was surprised and not directly accepted Alvin feelings, Liani wanna know more about Alvin. But Alvin is not given up and keep trying to express his feeling and then finally Alvin won Liani’s heart.

Big Journey is coming..

Day by day, months by months and year by year, Alvin and Liani have dating for almost 5 years on 2016. One day Alvin gently proposed to Liani and Liani said ‘Yes!’.

And then finally, after 6 years of dating, Alvin & Liani will tied the knot on September 17th, 2017. The new journey is waiting in front of them.
The journey for building bigger trust, love, caring, happiness and patient.

Until today, the day that I told you I loved you, the day that I knew I was going to marry you, that was the best day of my life.

Early Days